Black Lesbian Magic

Friday before last, I shared the stage at Charis Books and More/Charis Circle with my Lez Talk co-editor, Lauren Cherelle and two of the contributors, Claudia Moss and Krystal A. Smith. We had an absolute ball, and I just want to share a little of that night with you.

Claudia read a selection from “Erzulie’s Touch” and wooed the crowd in English AND Spanish! I’d read this story several times, but hearing Claudia read it was a game-changer. Maybe it’s my new favorite? 🙂


Krystal read from “Two Moons” and every time I hear her read it,  I fall a little more in love with Selene and Luna.


Lauren read a little of “Missing” and the audience was charmed by Izola’s southern sensibilities and haunted by the memory of  Lilly.


Finally, they let me talk a little bit about the anthology and how we came to work together on this project. I really enjoyed sharing space with these ladies and the amazing audience that night.  Black lesbian magic indeed.





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