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A Failure to Communicate: Stories

Beautiful review of my new book by the amazing Claudia Moss!

Claudia Moss


I have ever been a lover of literature, of the power of words to introduce new realities, challenge my view of the world and broaden my perspectives on people and ideologies.

In her premiere story collection, S. Andrea Allen dips her quill in the ink of creativity and offers up literature that broadens readers’ perspectives, I believe, on subjects not typically broached in contemporary story collections. Allen’s work demands thought, from its cover to its choice of stories and essays. When you part its pages, the book posts a sign, ‘No skating allowed,’ in the meaningful silence behind its provocative title. As a reader, you will be required to feel, reflect, and reexamine what you may have previously held as truth.

A Failure to Communicate lifts the curtain on the issue of the importance of communication, or the lack thereof, in the lives of Black women.

The collection opens with…

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