New website!

For a while now I’ve wanted to move my website and just recently, my preferred domain name, stephanieandreaallen.com, became available. When I started my first blog, which eventually became my website, someone else had my domain name (y’all wouldn’t believe how many folks out there share my name). It’s also time to renew my old… Continue reading New website!

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A Conversation with Stephanie Andrea Allen

Thanks so much for this interview about me and BLF Press!

The Minnesota Review

By Lauren Garretson

This is the sixth in a series of blogs written by the editorial staff of the minnesota review interviewing editors and folks in publishing. We hope that these will shed some light on the industry and help you learn more about how, where, and why to submit your work. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Stephanie Andrea Allen, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of BLF Press, earlier this month. Stephanie is a native southerner and out Black lesbian writer, scholar and educator, as well as the founder and editor-in-chief of BLF Press. Created in 2014 in response to the various struggles marginalized women so often face in the publishing industry, BLF Press identifies itself as an independent Black feminist press dedicated to amplifying the work of women of color. Stephanie has also co-founded the Black Lesbian Literary Collective, which seeks to cultivate a supportive writing community for…

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Lez Talk Books Radio Presents: M Shelly Conner — Black Lesbian Literary Collective

[Short Stories, Novel, Creative Writing] M Shelly Conner uses her experiences as a dapperqueer Black woman to produce multi-genre works that examine intersections of race, gender, and sexuality. Her collection of writing spans multiple media and a range of publications, including “Black from the Future: A Collection of Speculative Fiction.” As a whole, Shelly’s writing…Lez Talk… Continue reading Lez Talk Books Radio Presents: M Shelly Conner — Black Lesbian Literary Collective

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Cover Reveal!

Some of y'all might know that I'm also the publisher and editor-in-chief at BLF Press. Yesterday, we revealed the cover for our upcoming anthology of Black speculative writing, and I realized that I needed to share it with you too! 🙂 Forthcoming from BLF Press: August 20, 2019Inspired by the work of Black science fiction… Continue reading Cover Reveal!

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Writin’ is Fightin’

I hope that the start of the new year is bringing you hope and inspiration to do the things you've always wanted to do. Although it seems that the world is a dumpster fire right now, we can still find joy in our families, friends, and community. In 2018, I shook off even more of… Continue reading Writin’ is Fightin’


Serendipity 2.0: Queer Home

Sometime last summer, I was asked to serve as an advisory board member of an upcoming exhibit being curated by Erica Cardwell entitled Queer Home. I was intrigued, but I needed to know more. My relationship with the word queer has always been fraught, although I do recognize its utility as a term that can… Continue reading Serendipity 2.0: Queer Home

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Steph’s Fall Reading List — Black Lesbian Literary Collective

Here's my latest post over on the BLLC! What are you reading this fall? So, I don’t know about y’all, but all I want to do these days is curl up somewhere with a good book or two. Or three or four. If you know anything at all about me, you know that I’m almost… Continue reading Steph’s Fall Reading List — Black Lesbian Literary Collective

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Why Did My Story Get Rejected?

My short piece, "Why Did My Story Get Rejected?," was originally published on the BLLC Review. Rejection is hard, and let’s face it, as writers, we’ve all been there. We’ve worked tirelessly on a new story, only to be rejected from what we thought was a the perfect medium for the piece. Why? Well, no… Continue reading Why Did My Story Get Rejected?

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Festival, or What the Cuss, Karen?

I was on my way downtown when a funny thing happened. And I mean funny ridiculous, not funny haha.  I rounded a corner to merge onto the main thoroughfare in my little town, (about 20 minutes from the festival), and I noticed a police car make a sharp right turn from the left turn lane.… Continue reading A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Festival, or What the Cuss, Karen?

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Stephanie Andrea Allen on Writer’s Block and What to Do When the Words Won’t Come

This is a cross-post of a blog I wrote for The BLLC Review. So, there comes a time in every writer’s life when she sits down in front of a computer screen or pulls out her pen and pad and nothing happens. Nothing. No matter how long she sits there, the words just won’t come.… Continue reading Stephanie Andrea Allen on Writer’s Block and What to Do When the Words Won’t Come