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A Few of My Favorite Books — Black Lesbian Literary Collective

My latest over at the BLLC!   So, for the past couple of years, I’ve entered the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and once again, I failed to meet my goal. I tend to overestimate how much time I have for reading, and I always seem to buy more books than I can actually read. I also… Continue reading A Few of My Favorite Books — Black Lesbian Literary Collective


BLF Press Call For Submission

Krystal A Smith

Black Women Writers here is a call for submission for you. Black From The Future, A Collection of Speculative Writing. I’m co-editing with Stephanie Allen of BLF Press and Lauren Cherelle of Resolute Publishing. Get all of the details at


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Something Better than Home: A Review

My review of Something Better than Home originally appeared at The BLLC Review.  Something Better than Home by Leona Beasley is coming of age story about a young Black lesbian growing up in the post-Civil Rights era South. At first glance this book doesn’t seem like young adult fiction, but it is, and I wish that it… Continue reading Something Better than Home: A Review


Writing Does Not Have to Be (Nor Should it be) a Solitary Endeavor

Excellent advice from one of my favorite new writers!

Krystal A Smith

As someone who enjoys and craves her solitude writing is the perfect activity for me. I can write or think about writing anywhere, anytime. I don’t have to rely on another person to write the words for me. It’s not like some activities that have multiple people involved.

It can though. That’s what I’m learning and completly embracing. How can I need my alone time and want collaboration at the same time? Easy. In a word it’s all about Community.


Sitting down to write is definitely, more or less, the part of writing that requires you to “work alone”.  Other people can be in the room while you write, you can even engage with them, but the thoughts and words you put down are yours until you’re ready to share them. You have to figure out how the story goes, the who, what, and where.

That is not to say…

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Why Black Speculative Fiction Month Matters

The Nerds of Color

October is Black Speculative Fiction Month and like legions of others, I am celebrating it something fierce.

Why does Black Speculative Fiction Month matter?

Black Speculative Fiction Month matters because now more than ever our stories must be told and our voices must be heard. Black Speculative Fiction Month matters because too often at cons and writing events, I’m the only nonwhite guest in attendance.

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Expert Extra!

Hey y'all! My friend and colleague Amanda Lynch D'Agostino invited me to be a guest on her podcast, Inside 254, and we chatted about Black lesbian literature, the difference between Black women and WOC, and other cool stuff. Want to hear it? Here you go! Click the image to listen to the podcast on Podbean.… Continue reading Expert Extra!

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New Review of A Failure to Communicate

Hey y'all! Lambda Literary just reviewed my book and it was such a thoughtful review! I'm so happy that someone took the time to read and write about my little book.  Here's the link if you'd like to read it.  

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Five Black Lesbian Books You Should be Reading for Pride Month — Black Lesbian Literary Collective

My latest over at the BLLC Review! Pride month is nearly over, and there are lists upon lists of books LGBTQ folks should be reading circulating around the internet. Interestingly, most of them don’t have many, if any, Black lesbian books included on them. A wonderful exception is this list by Danika Ellis, head librarian… Continue reading Five Black Lesbian Books You Should be Reading for Pride Month — Black Lesbian Literary Collective